It’s Meatless Monday & New Years Eve!


As we celebrate the start of 2013, 45% of us will resolve to change our lives for the better. Yet less than half of those promises are in effect six months later. For a New Year’s goal you can stick with, join the Meatless Monday movement! It’s easy to start the week with more fruits and veggies on your plate and it’s a resolution that benefits both your health and the environment.

Why make it Monday?

Monday is like the January of the week: the day that we can reset our intentions after the weekend and try again. By recommitting to our resolutions every Monday, we get 52 opportunities to stick with it. And with our Meatless Monday communities on Facebook and Twitter, you’ll have the weekly reminders, recipes and healthy news you need to keep on going all year.

Already a member of the Meatless Monday movement?

Take your resolution to the next level in 2013! Get your family into the habit of healthier meals by cooking and eating together, challenge yourself to try an exotic dish or new variety of produce each week, or help others go Meatless Monday by telling friends about the campaign or sharing your favorite recipes on social media.

Interested in using Monday to try other healthy behaviors? Get free diet, fitness, stress reduction and general health tips to your inbox each week by joining the sister campaign, Healthy Monday.


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