Tune in to NBC Green Week, November 14-21

The Green Week festivities will kick off during Sunday Night Football and targeted programming will run the entire week of November 14-21. You’ll see green living messages in shows like The Office (where Michael Scott will try to save the planet through recycling) and 30 Rock.  There will also be an exclusive interview with eco-Prince Charles on Dateline Friday, November 19th at 9:00pm.

There will also be ‘green’ segments during the NBC Nightly News. Mad Money, on CNBC, will look at one green company stock per day and its profitability. MSNBC’s Morning Joe will include a five-day series on alternative energy and the United States’ dependence on foreign oil, and Today on NBC is going to cover green cleaning products and reducing energy and water use.

NBC’s twice yearly green week, started in 2007 and features highlight weeks in November and in April for Earth Day. A complete programming guide can be found here.

Source: NBC

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